Melodrama I for solo violin (1981)

Melodrama IV for bass clarinet (1983)

Melodrama V for piano (1983, rev. 1989)

coloratura for Dr K. for solo bassoon (1983)

surreum graphic score for actor (1983)

aagyn for tenor saxophone and piano [one performer ] (1983, rev. 1987)

coloratura for Dennis Prime for basset-horn alone (1983, rev. 1993)

composizione-monoproiezione per pianoforte (1983, rev. 1995)

Palestriniana for organ (1984)

aennea for guitar (1985)

ravenna for harpsichord (1985, rev. 1987)

Ordines (Jorge Luis Borges in memoriam) – Sonata for organ solo (1988)

experimento #1 for solo performer on four different string instruments (1989)

Sacrae symphoniae (Christopher Lewis in memoriam) for organ (1992-2000)

Due pezzi for organ (1994-95)

horyzont zapomnienia [The Horizon of Forgetfulness] – Piano Sonata No. 1 (1995)

mare tenebrarum (Bolesław Szabelski in memoriam) – Piano Sonata No. 2 (1996-2000)

ChaconnEncore for alto saxophone solo (1999)

Walzer (Joseph Matthias Hauer in memoriam) for solo piano (2000)

Lachrymae (in memory of September 11, 2001) for organ solo (2001)

Cinq études sur la tonalité for piano (2004)

Three Nocturnal Postludes for organ (2004-2005)

Nach(t)gejagd – Piano Sonata No. 3 (2005)

Les Espaces du temps – Piano Sonata No. 4 (2008)

Simoum for clarinet in A alone (2011)

Sommernachtslied für eine junge Schülerin for optional melodic instrument (2011)

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