The Secret Garden (Music for Agnieszka Holland) – String Quartet No. 2 (1999-2002)

…where the night awakens… for two pianos and two percussions (2000)

Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx) for violin  (and other solo instruments) and piano (2000/02)

Anya’s Dream for alto saxophone and piano (2001)

Voces intimae (Music for David Roxburgh) for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet (2001)

Largo (Omaggio a Johann Sebastian) for violin (and other instruments) and piano (or organ) (2002)

Organigami (Music for Aysha) for violin (and other solo instruments) and piano (2004)

Nachtkadenz five concert pieces for flute and four woodwinds (2004)

Notturno for violin and piano (2005)

Three Nocturnal Postludes for alto saxophone and string trio (2005)

Four Lines (Farewell Music for Michael J. Baker) for saxophone quartet (2006)

TrancePaining (Black Wings Has My Angel) – String Quartet No. 3 (2007)

Mrok for alto saxophone and piano (2007)

Rondeau for optional instruments (2008)

… only Midnight … for two pianos (2009)

Silver Wound for oboe  (and other solo instruments) and guitar (2009)

BergKR/an/EIS für Baßflöte und Orgel (2009)

… about to dawn … (in memoriam Bronislaw Kazimierz Przybylski) for piano trio (2011)

Trop for flute and organ (2011)

soletto/soave/soffocato (Donald Erb in memoriam) for clarinet, violin and piano (2011)

Kinneret for alto flute and vibraphone (1999/rev. 2012)

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