Erika – typewritten minimusic for optional realisers-composers (1984)

face music for mime & optional musicians or for video screens & optional musicians (1984)

MOMENT of oblivion? Instrumental theatre piece for two performers (1984)

o’dY for optional players (1984)

GeÑalles B for group & solo (1985)

nAAn (never play ordinario) for optional performers (1985)

Action drawing for Neue Wilde performers (1985)

METROPOLIS for jazzman, avant-garde performer & accompaniment (1985)

Memories of Arnold (S.) recomposition for high & low voice(s) and/or instrument(s) (1985)

a’n…n’a for trumpet and organ (1985)

OBOEnergy (MariusAZIONI) for 1-12 oboes, English horns, oboes d’amore, bass oboes etc. (1986)

left hand band for left-handed performers (1986)

HAENNA for string sextet (1989)

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