Melodrama II (The T. Brandenburg Concerto) for vibraphone and alto saxophone (or flute or trumpet) (1981, rev. 1991)

Q for clarinet and alto saxophone with optional percussion (1982, rev. 1983)

hypotheosis for nine optional realisers (1982)

erotogramma – supplement (sonic background for any traditional piece) for 1-4 performers (1982)

the first february the last january for 1-4 melodic instruments and/or 1-2 keyboards (1983, rev. 1989)

XONNOX for 1-2 pianos (1983)

minimum-optimum-maximum for musicians and/or voices (1983)

in abstracto for 1-4 optional performers (1983)

creatio ex nihilo for optional realisers-composers (1983)

zapada zmrok (Giacinto Scelsi in memoriam) for melodic instruments and piano (1983/88)

compilage #1 for soprano & four instruments or for any instruments (1984)

HYMN for soprano, trombone, vibraphone, piano & contrabass [text: Thucydides, Corcyrean revolution] (1984)

a‘ROMA for 1-5 optional instruments (1984)

music for nobody for performer(s) who know(s) nothing about instrument(s) (1984)

GeÑalles A for solo & group (1984)

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