TÁRTAROS on Polish Radio 2!

On 5 November Tártaros: Symphonie electrovisuelle was broadcast in its 45-minute entirety on Polish Radio 2. The work was selected for airing by the distinguished Polish musicologist and presenter, Marek Zwyrzykowski [pron. Zvy-zhy-kov-ski], on whose programme Hortus musicus, hortus electronicus (running since 1990; the Latin title translates Musical Garden/Electronic Garden) the work appeared alongside that of Christian Calon, the latter composer based in Montréal. The broadcast starts at 11:05 P.M. local time (10:05 P.M. in London, UK; 5:05 P.M. in Montréal; 3:05 P.M. in Edmonton, AB).

This is what Canadian musician and writer, Jerry A. Ozipko, said about the piece after its première, also featuring the incredible, Edmonton’s own, Good Women Dance Collective :

Piotr Grella-Mozejko’s latest composition is nothing less than a clear expression of musical and artistic genius. Originally conceived in 2009, it took three years for the four-movement Τάρταρος [Tartaros] Symphonie electrovisuelle to be brought to the public. As a singular work, it is almost impossible to characterise by its genre. It is truly multidisciplinary, featuring a stunning electroacoustic soundtrack, accompanied by spectacular video projections and turned into a choreographed narrative by a pair of female dancers… [T]he work is devoted to the memory of the innocent victims of the conflicts in Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan…
“The artistic and emotional impact of this work on the audience was profound. At the conclusion, the applause was spontaneous and instantaneous and hardly anyone wanted to leave the hall afterwards. Alas! for the fact that there were only two performances of this masterpiece, for a multi-disciplinary masterpiece it truly is, and it should be seen and heard across this vast nation if not on the international stage!”
(“Prairie Sounds”, Fall 2012, p. 9)

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