Pianist Andrzej Dutkiewicz’s] sensational performance of Melodrama V by Piotr Grella-Możejko was one of the highlights of the [Laboratorium] festival…
Walentyna Węgrzyn, RUCH MUZYCZNY

{Strumienie snu (Streams of a Dream)]. By far the least conventional music on the CD…
Peter Burwasser, FANFARE

Piotr Grella-Możejko’s 1995 Strumienie snu for string quartet is a worthy outgrowth of the experimental music of Polish composers of the last generation. […] This rhythmically complex work requires much delicate playing and attention to detail (…). This is a work which grows with each hearing – providing successive musical revelations of something not recognized or heard before.
Jerry Ozipko, MUSICWORKS

[T]he Penderecki String Quartet opened their program dangerously with Strumienie snu by Piotr Grella-Możejko and Croissant by Gilles Tremblay. These pieces explored timbre ornamentation in slow intense detail, with careful restraint. Despite the risks to sustained attention, the audience was not lost at all – a tribute to the musical craft both of the composers and of the quartet.
Darren Copeland, MUSICWORKS

The last work [on Stringtime CD] is Strumienie snu for string quartet (1995) by Grella-Możejko. Now this is a different story altogether, In fact, this is probably the only piece of the CD, which could be labelled ”avant-garde” or “new”. I read some strange remarks in the booklet about metronome marking and that what appears in the score sounds very different from the way it looks. (…) There are many interesting events taking place here, which you can observe with a tense attention. The piece sort of catches your ears and your mind in a concentrated act of listening, and though Grella-Możejko’s piece is the most unmelodic, the most “unbeautiful” of the works on the CD, it may well be the most interesting, the most intriguing!
Ingvar Nordlin, SONOLOCO

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