…fascinating music, …unusual colours…
Marvin Rosen, CLASSICAL DISCOVERIES, WPRB 103.3 (Princeton, NJ)

Grella-Możejko is a fanatical connoisseur of the avant-garde. What does being an avant-garde composer mean today? Above all, it means being against stereotypes, mediocrity and conservative academia. All this – stereotypes, mediocrity, academia – sneaked into our music, so we now need real fanatics to fight for the new. Grella-Możejko takes seriously such aspects of new music as decomposition, disintegration and dissociation. These are his points of departure. He is extremely talented… He is, to large extent, self-taught and only believes in himself and those who create unmistakably new music. And this is why I like him.
Bogusław Schaeffer, ŻYCIE LITERACKIE

In his pieces, Grella-Możejko tries to capture the idiomatic essence of music in its authentic new manifestation – as a process of dense, concentrated as it were, variety. Only those who are able to create new music can achieve that.
Bogusław Schaeffer, ŻYCIE LITERACKIE

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