coloratura for Charles – disco(n)notation for solo baritone saxophone (with optional signal processing) offered a more challenging and experimental range of work in one of the best, and certainly most memorable concerts of the [Edmonton New Music] festival… Composers’ Forum II reflected the depth, artistry and vitality of the city’s new music scene… The concert… ended with the brilliant and fascinating Horngardens (Music for Norval Morrisseau) by Piotr Grella-Możejko…

…[Carson P.] Cooman then brilliantly played the American premiere of a work of Canadian composer Piotr Grella-Możejko… entitled Sacrae symphoniae and… was highly, highly tonal and modal.  The work… makes use of baroque religious tunes and folk tunes. It was a real shock to hear it coming from the pen of a 20th century composer.  The only other work of Grella-Możejko’s that I had heard was his Due pezzi for organ, which Cooman had played on an early concert this year.  The fact that Dr. Grella-Możejko has such diverse styles up his sleeve is impressive.  In both of the pieces of his that I have heard, he demonstrated very talented writing and he is obviously a master of multiple styles.
B. Finkel, THE MUSIC ADVISOR (Western NY)

Black Angels, an experimental film combining dance, a haunting score and some superb cinematography, is the kind of work that demands – and deserves – repeated viewing… The poetry by Beth Goobie provides a backdrop and the evocative music by Piotr Grella-Możejko heightens the effect.

Piotr Grella-Możejko’s originally notated scores – showing a great abundance of various timbral and visual crossover ideas  – deserve special attention… They are characterised by a thorough care given to detail as well as structure and texture. The form of his pieces usually stems from structural and textural preconceptions. The listener’s attention is drawn to this music by clarity and intensity of its rich construction.
Katarzyna Piątek-Stępniewska, RUCH MUZYCZNY

I always repeat: the best pieces are those that do not exist yet… Art is a melting pot of contradictions – who knows what’s  “cooking” inside?
Interview by Katarzyna Pawliszewska, SŁOWO POWSZECHNE

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