World Première of SOMMERNACHTSLIED in Athens, Greece

World première of Sommernachtslied for optional melodic instrument (2011) version for flute in C solo, was given by the outstanding Iwona Glinka on 9 February 2012 at the Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece. Due to illness, percussionist Theodor Milkov was not able to perform. At a very short notice, the flautist prepared an alternative programme, substituting several solo pieces for the ones with percussion.

This is my note posted on her Facebook page: “Iwonka, dearest, please accept my private standing ovation. To do what you have done under the circumstances is a rare feat of professionalism and commitment. I admire you very, very deeply. The percussionist fell sick a few hours before the performance, yet you still prepared an alternative programme at such a short notice – and you still played pieces by the same composers as intended in the original programme! Nobody could have done this, but you. Thank you very kindly for premièring my “Sommernachtslied”! We’ll do the “Kinneret” on another occasion, I hope. Thank you again”.

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