World Première of SIMOUM in Paris, France

World première of Simoum for clarinet in A alone (2011) was given by one of Poland’s leading soloists, Paris-based Szymon Kaca, on 24 February 2012, as part of the soundinitiative ensemble evening devoted to avant-garde solo works. The performance took place at the Société de Curiosités, 24 Place St. Marthe, Paris 10ème, France. The other composers and works featured were: Philippe Hurel, Loops (1999) for flute; Jean Marc Singier, Bouts-rimés burinés (1983) for clarinet; Paul Clift, 1950c (2010) for guitar (world première); Sébastian Rivas, Die Sanftestes gesetz 2 (2005) for flute; Franco Donatoni, Argot (1979) for violin.

Inspired by the great talent of and written expressly for Szymon Kaca on a grant from the ACDI (Alberta Creative Development Initiative) programme, Simoum is a piece of extreme energy and utmost difficulty. Named after the burning North African/West Asian wind, the work makes use of such techniques as circular breathing, alternative (enharmonic) fingering, refined multiphonics, register contrasts used “motivically”, and the like. The most important aspect of the piece, however (as is always the case in my music) is the emotional intensity of the narrative.

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