Penderecki String Quartet premières THREE NOCTURNAL POSTLUDES

On 2 November 2013, Canada’s foremost chamber ensemble, the Penderecki String Quartet, premièred Three Nocturnal Postludes, version for string quartet.

The Penderecki String Quartet (Jeremy Bell and Jerzy Kapłanek, violins; Christine Vlajk, viola; and Katie Schlaikjer violoncello) performed Three Nocturnal Postludes during ATMA – Canadian-Polish Festival of Music (1-2 November 2013, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). The performance took place at the Stan A Milner Theatre. The work, commissioned and composed in 2005, commemorates the passing away of the pope John Paul II. In its three movemnts, the music, intentionally extremely introverted emotionally and “arch-conservative” stylistically, makes use of the traditional Polish songs, which constitute the “backbone” of the melodic and harmonic development.

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