NOTTURNO in Edmonton

Tatiana Warszynski, violin and Yoana Kyurkchieva, piano perform Notturno on Saturday, 22 November 2014, 7:00 P.M., at the Muttart Hall, Alberta College.

Notturno for violin and piano was written in 2005. It represents the “other side” of me and my creative output. The work is very conservative in its compositional technique, “Romantic” style and formal layout, alluding perhaps to the music of César Franck. Over the years, I have written several pieces, which may be considered pedagogical rather than intended purely for the regular concert stage. Oddly enough—but perhaps not surprisingly—these pieces have become popular with professional musicians who have presented them regularly on their recital programmes. Shall I prevent those who want to play them from playing them? Not at all. Music-making is one of the noblest occupations one can think of, regardless of its contexts, techniques, styles, and the like. Why should I deprive those who have chosen my music, who have put their trust in my compositional abilities—and their audiences—from enjoying what I have written? If my pedagogical music appears on professional stages, so much the better. I am happy to oblige.