1999 coloratura for Charles – disco(n)notation for baritone saxophone and electronics: The New Polish Music Panorama Vol. V – Andriy Talpash, baritone saxophone with Piotr Grella-Możejko and Ian Knopke, interactive electronics (Acte Préalable AP0014)

1999 dreamtide for clarinet, violin and marimba: Glossa – Chamber Music from Canada and Poland – St. Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble (CLEF Records CR 99003-2)

1997 composizione-monoproiezione for piano: Brief Confessions Brèves – Roger Admiral, piano (CLEF Records CR 97002-2)

1996 Due pezzi for organ: soundland alberta – le pays sonore – Corey Hamm, organ (CLEF Records CR 96001-2)

1994 coloratura for Dennis Prime for basset horn alone: Northern Arch/Arc du Nord – Dennis Prime, basset-horn (Arktos 94 001 CD)

1993 Orion (music for Franz K.) for changing saxophone and signal processing: ECCS Live (cassette) – Charles Stolte, saxophone (ECCS CS 93001)

1992 Epitaph for Jerzy for computer soundtrack: A BEAMS Compilation (cassette) – Piotr Grella-Możejko (BEAMS, no catalogue number)

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