Good Women & Piotr – POD in Winnipeg

The Good Women Dance Collective receive a fantastic review of their Winnipeg Fringe Festival performance, featuring our collaboration “POD”. The review was published in the Winnipeg Free Press:

Edmonton-based dance artists Ainsley Hillyard, Alida Nyquist-Schultz, Alison Kause and Kate Stashko will take your breath away in this exploration of states of “fracture.’ The contemporary dance show features two abstract works teeming with visual poetry. Although its vastly non-linear nature will not be everyone’s cup of tea, the beauty of this style is always its openness to interpretation. Pod begins with Nyquist-Schultz and Hillyard lying beneath a large billowing plastic sheet that covers the entire stage. After they gradually punch their way out, one dancer is repeatedly lured back to its secure depths while the other breaks free. According to the program, Pod depicts “an organism that fractures into two distinct entities.” Yet it could also suggest destructive forces — addiction comes to mind — that threaten to consume lives with their siren call. In Shatterscape, Hillyard, Stashko and Kause take turns presenting their perspective of a past event, thus deconstructing collective memory and the notion of “universal truth.”

Holly Harris
20 July 2013