Duo ST15’s SOUL MATES reviewed in Fanfare!

The May/June 2012 issue of Fanfare includes a very positive review of Duo ST15’s debut CD, Soul Mates, written by Ronald E. Grames. It is Fanfare’s RECOMMENDED release.

From the review:

“Strange title, enigmatic cover photo with impassive and detached performers gazing out in different directions, and a name for the ensemble that suggests an electronic device or a jet plane. From first impression, it is hard to know what to expect from this pair of Swiss musicians. As it turns out that this is a classy saxophone/piano duo, playing a couple of old favorites with an engaging freshness and introducing a selection of new music that is challenging and substantive … They have performed as a duo since 2005, though as far as I can tell this is their first recording. It is an auspicious start …

“Before and after these [works by Caroline Charrière and Victor Cordero] are the two Grella-Mozejko pieces: the four-movement Moon down (2002) with its brooding descent from the mysterious to the quiescent, and Numen (1998), where the resident spirit is reflective, understated, and given to occasional howls of pain.”

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