Author: Piotr Grella-Możejko

Canadian Première of STOLTE at NASA Region 9 Conference

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Canadian première of Stolte for computer soundtrack, live electronics and alto saxophone (2010) was given by its dedicatee, Charles Stolte, saxophone, and Piotr Grella-Możejko, computer, on 9 February 2013, as part of the Biennial Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance, Region 9. The performance took place at the University of Saskatoon in Saskatoon, SK.

World Première of TÁRTAROS – Symphonie électro-visuelle in Edmonton, Canada

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World première of Τάρταρος – Symphonie électro-visuelle for digitally processed sounds and video (2009-2012) took place on 9 and 10 June 2012 at the Ledcor Theatre, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. The four-movement work was commissioned for the Good Women Dance Collective with financial support provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.